Competition Is Moving Faster Than Ever.
How Do You Stay Ahead Of It?

Put frankly, businesses that aren’t reviewing every aspect of their organization through a lens of disruptive innovation are falling behind. Customers are demanding a faster pace of improvement in their experience, so how do you stay ahead?

Ted Graham, head of Open Innovation at General Motors, spent a year driving with Uber to learn how the company completely turned the taxi industry on its ear. Now he is sharing how businesses rethink their process, people and entire strategy to adapt more rapidly and beat competition.

What you’ll learn:

– How to build a culture in your team to identify and apply opportunities for innovation effectively.
– Why innovation does not mean buying the newest shiny technology for you’re dealership.
– Where to focus your attention as a leader of innovation for your dealership.

About Ted Graham

Ted Graham lives in Toronto and is the head of Open Innovation at General Motors where he helps identify partnerships that will help build new forms of mobility including autonomous and connected vehicles. He is also the former Innovation leader at PWC and a McKinsey strategy consultant with a focus on understanding and leveraging people networks to influence the spread of ideas.

Ted often speaks to audiences about The 5 things I learned about disruptive innovation as an UberX driver and how to apply some of these lessons across a multitude of industries on the cusp of disruption. His first hand account was initially released as a widely read LinkedIn influencer post, then a CBC Metro Morning interview and is now part of his forthcoming book called “The Uber of Everything” to be released later this year.

Over the years Ted has enjoyed diverse pursuits in his spare time: scrabble champion, world ranked Rock Paper Scissors competitor and volleyball magazine publisher.